2009 Toyota Camry Wiper Blade Size

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Finding the right wiper blades for your 2009 Toyota Camry is essential for maintaining clear visibility while driving, especially during inclement weather. The wiper blades’ effectiveness depends on their precise fit and size compatibility with your vehicle’s windshield. This article provides detailed information on the 2009 Toyota Camry wiper blade sizes and guidelines to assist you in selecting the appropriate replacements for optimal performance.

2009 toyota camry wiper blade size

Front Wiper Blade Sizes

The 2009 Toyota Camry utilizes different wiper blade sizes for the driver and passenger sides. The driver’s side wiper blade measures 26 inches in length, while the passenger side wiper blade is slightly shorter at 24 inches. These specific dimensions ensure optimal coverage and effective wiping action across the windshield surface.

When selecting replacement wiper blades, it’s crucial to adhere to these designated sizes. Using blades that are too short or too long can result in reduced wiping efficiency, leaving areas of the windshield uncleaned or potentially causing damage to the wiper motor due to excessive strain.

Additionally, consider the type of wiper blades you prefer. Conventional wiper blades are a cost-effective option, while beam blades offer improved performance and durability. Beam blades distribute pressure more evenly across the windshield, reducing streaking and chattering noises.

Rear Wiper Blade Size

The 2009 Toyota Camry is equipped with a single rear wiper blade. The rear wiper blade measures 14 inches in length. Similar to the front wiper blades, it’s important to select a replacement blade that matches this specific size.

Rear wiper blades play a vital role in ensuring clear visibility during inclement weather, especially when driving in reverse. A properly sized and functioning rear wiper blade helps remove water, snow, and debris from the rear windshield, enhancing safety and driving comfort.

When replacing the rear wiper blade, ensure it is securely attached to the wiper arm. A loose blade can compromise its effectiveness and may cause damage to the windshield or wiper motor.


Determining the correct 2009 Toyota Camry wiper blade size is essential for maintaining optimal visibility and driving safety. By adhering to the specified dimensions and considering the type of wiper blades, you can ensure a precise fit and effective wiping action. Regular replacement of wiper blades is recommended to maintain their performance and prevent potential visibility issues.

Remember to refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific recommendations and additional information regarding wiper blade replacement.